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Wellness & beauty at hotel Château Gütsch:

Massages, Body Treatments and Cosmetics

Enjoy your stay with all your senses by taking advantage of the exclusive treatments, wellness massages, and naturopathic therapies offered by Katja Block from «SkinApart» in the massage & beauty studio of Hotel Château Gütsch. 

Reserve your package or your treatment either when booking your room, at the reception of the Chateau Gütsch or directly at SkinApart under the telephone number +41 76 481 82 07 or by mail at

Pampering Packages 

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Pampering Packages

Happy Hour for Him and Her

(bookable between 4 pm and 7.30 pm)

Enjoy a back massage with peeling or a quick facial with a wonderful face and head massage. Take your seat in the beautiful Gütsch bar and enjoy your drink with an incredible view over Lucerne.

  • Express facial or back massage with peeling and aroma oil 
  • After work drink at the beautiful Gütsch Bar                                                    

50 min, CHF 160.00 

Morning Awakening For Him and Her

(bookable from 7 am )

Start your day with a vitalizing full body massage of 60 min and afterwards enjoy the breakfast buffet in the historic Gütsch restaurant.

CHF 180.00

Royal Lady's Day 

Dear Ladies, start your individual Lady's Day at the breakfast buffet in the historic Gütsch restaurant. Afterwards we will welcome you to your facial treatment. We start with a deep cleansing of your skin and go on to rejuvenate it in a procedure that will give you a «wow» effect. A deeply relaxing face, neck and decolleté massage will let you feel as if you were in heaven. During the face mask, we take care of your hands or your feet. Our nail colours are vegan and of a very high quality.

  • Breakfast buffet with a glass of champagne
  • Rejuvenation ritual 90 min
  • Manicure or pedicure with hand/foot mask and colour

CHF 380.00

Royal Beauty Day for Ladies and Gentlemen

  • Breakfast from the buffet 
  • Herbal foot spa with pedicure  
  • 30 min body massage with warm oil
  • Relaxing facial with hand massage
  • Time required without breakfast 150 min

Feel like a queen or a king and start your day at the breakfast buffet in the historic Gütsch restaurant. Afterwards you can relax with a foot spa and enjoy a pedicure. For the 30 min massage you choose your favorite oil. Give your skin a nutritional break with exclusive ingredients of swiss herbs or a high tech skin care. A deeply relaxing and detoxifying facial massage will stimulate your cells and your muscles and let you dream. During the mask we take care of your hands. The final experience is a short stimulation of the energy zones of your feet.

CHF 350.00 

Royal Beauty Weekend for Ladies and Gentlemen

  • Friday: Welcome drink and meeting at the Gütsch bar, full body peeling and massage 90 min
  • Saturday: Révital facial 70 min and manicure or pedicure with massage (your choice)
  • Sunday: we say good bye with a gift between 9.30 am and 12 pm

After your arrival enjoy a welcome drink at the Gütsch Bar and talk over your plans for your exclusive Royal Beauty Weekend. We start with a full body peeling and a massage for your deep relaxation. On Saturday we welcome you for the facial with skincare products made from swiss alpine herbs. During the mask your feet will relax with an energyzone massage and we finish with a pedicure or manicure. On Sunday we say good bye with a gift.

CHF 480.00 

Body Treatments, Manicure, Pedicure 

  • Peeling incl. creme package: 60 min, CHF 130.00
  • Full body sports massage: 60 min; CHF 140.00          
  • Full body massage deluxe: 90 min, CHF 180.00          
  • Back massage: 30 min, CHF 75.00
  • Energy zone massage: 45 min, CHF 85.00
  • 10er Abo total body massage: CHF 110.00
  • 10er Abo small part body massage: CHF 700.00       
  • 10er Abo energy zone massage: CHF 800.00 
  • Wellness pedicure: 45 min, CHF 95.00
  • Wellness pedicure de luxe: 60 min, CHF 110.00 
  • Wellness manicure: 45 min, CHF 75.00

Eyebrows and Make-up

  • Eye brow correction: 20 min, CHF 35.00 
  • Eyelash and brow colouring: 30 min, CHF 70.00 
  • During treatment: CHF 55.00     
  • Lash Curling, 45 min, CHF 65.00 
  • Bridal Make-Up incl. test make-up, 60 min, CHF 250.00 
  • Evening make-up, 45 min, CHF 75.00 

Aesthetic Treatments   

  • Dermisonic ultrasonic treatment: 50  min, CHF 165.00 
  • Skin tightening with radiofrequency: 30 min, CHF 235.00 / 45 min, CHF 285.00
  • MicroNeedling single treatment, per zone: 35 min, CHF 260.00
  • MicroNeedling, 6er series, 35 min each: CHF 1'480.00
  • Mesotherapie  single treatment: 250.00 CHF  
  • Mesotherapie package of 8 treatments incl. home care: CHF 2'240.00 
  • Radiofrequency, 10 er Abo 10 plus 1: CHF 1'900.00 
  • OxyGeneo skin regeneration 3 in 1: 60 min, CHF 250.00 

Reserve your package or your treatment either when booking your room, at the reception of the Chateau Gütsch or directly at SkinApart under the telephone number +41 76 481 82 07 or by mail at


Facial Treatments

Rejuvenating Facial with Vetia Floris Luxe Organic Skin Care

  • deep cleansing
  • eyebrow correction
  • serum
  • face, neck, and décolleté massage
  • handcare included     

70 min, CHF 190.00
90 min, CHF 240.00

Plus Dermisonic ultrasonic treatment: plus CHF 60.00 

VETIA Mare Révital Facial Signature Treatment  

Rejuvenating facial with a unique blend of organic oceanic ingredients brings your skin back to its natural balance.  

70 min, CHF 190.00
4 treatments package with rejuvenescence home care: CHF 1'490.00 CHF  


Black Diamond Facial with Peptides and Dust of Black Diamonds

gives your skin a youthful bright shine and a softness you never knew before. Tell your wrinkles good bye for good!
90 min, CHF 190.00

NIANCE® – Swiss Premium Anti-Aging    

NIANCE®, as a genuine premium Swiss brand, is synonymous with highly effective and utterly pure firstclass skin-care. NIANCE® represents Swiss expertise in developing innovative and dynamic concepts in the luxury anti-aging skin-care sector. NIANCE® supplies effective products and holistic treatment methods for visibly rejuvenating the skin. The expertise we have gathered through intensive research activities in our Swiss laboratories provides you with the chance to provide your skin with optimum care based on the very latest results in skin science. We place great value on know-how and innovation. NIANCE® is beauty care with no compromises. 


The special intensive treatment incl. NIANCE® Eye-Deluxe – the luxury treatment for the eye area. This nurturing and comforting intensive treatment provides your skin with moisture, nutrients and vitamins. It has a smoothing effect on lines and small wrinkles caused by dryness, making the skin tender and soft. Additional luxurious care of the eye area helps you look bright and awake. Slight skin irritation is smoothed out and your complexion shines with new freshness.  
NIANCE® ritual, cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, premium facial and eye serum, mask, relaxing face massage, brush massage, finishing treatment for eyes and face.   
60 min, CHF 190.00 


The luxury anti-aging treatment incl. NIANCE® Eye Deluxe – the luxury treatment for the eye area. This premium treatment provides for firmness and smoothness. Your skin will be supplied with essential micro-nutrients, accelerating the skin’s natural repair function. Optimal supply with moisture smoothes your skin, lines and small wrinkles are erased. Enhanced microcirculation results in a rosy and young-looking complexion. Additional care of your eye area removes traces of overtiredness and weakness. A highperformance anti-aging application for demanding skin.  
NIANCE® ritual, neck massage, breathing exercise for deep relaxation, cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow styling, premium facial and eye serum, mask, hand/arm peeling, hand/arm massage, energy massage with Swiss rock crystals, firming face massage, brush massage, finishing treatment for eyes and face.  
120 min, CHF 290.00 


Luxury Treatment for the Eye Area. This premium regimen treatment specifically formulated for the eye area will provide you with sparkling bright eyes. Light dryness lines, wrinkles, dark circles and swellings are tackled purposefully. Your eyes will look fascinatingly alive and your velvet-like, smooth skin will enchant your surroundings.  
NIANCE®-Ritual, cleansing, peeling, premium facial and eye serum, poultice, eye brush massage, finishing care for face and eyes.  
30 min, CHF 105.00  

The fast intensive facial for men: An effective turbo-treatment for dry or tired skin. Intense moisture is applied to your skin and absorbed. In addition, enhanced microcirculation lets the skin look relaxed and recreated. The treatment removes signs of tiredness and small lines, leaving your skin smooth and full of vitality.  
NIANCE® ritual, peeling, deep cleansing, premium facial serum, mask, face massage, finishing treatment for eyes and face.  
30 min, CHF 105.00

Holistic Treatments         

  • Matrix rhythm therapy: 60 min, CHF 165.00
  • Holistic back therapy warm/cold: 30 min, CHF 85.00 
  • Cellulite Wraps Kryo – oder Fango incl. cupping: 45 min, CHF 150.00 
  • Radiofrequency in combination:CHF 200.00 
  • 10er plus 1  Cellulite Wraps: CHF 1'450.00 
  • Consultation: 30 min, CHF 80.00 

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